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Scope of Publication:

Pulmonary Circulation publishes articles on topics related to

  • molecular and cell biology, structure and physiology, pathophysiology, and translational research topics of the pulmonary circulation;
  • state-of-the-art techniques and their potential applications in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary vascular diseases and lung injury;
  • clinical diagnosis and treatment and surgical interventions of pulmonary vascular diseases;
  • techniques and technology applied to research on the pulmonary vasculature and to clinical management of pulmonary vascular diseases; and
  • progress and advances in clinical management and scientific research of pulmonary vascular disease in developing countries.

Frequency: 4 issues/year

Distribution: electronic, open access

Audience: Physician-scientists, clinicians,and basic science researchers in the fields of normal and abnormal pulmonary vascular physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology and genetics.

Circulation:  5,690

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Our research platform is the world.

Through worldwide collaboration, we can begin to answer the question of a global disease.

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