The Voice of Pulmonary Circulation

PVRI Member Authors: Jason Yuan, Nicholas Morrell, Ghazwan Butrous

When Pulmonary Circulation was first launched in 2011, no one knew what to expect. A journal focused exclusively on research around the pulmonary circulation and pulmonary vascular disease? Are there enough people interested to sustain the journal's readership? Who will submit to yet another new, unknown medical journal? And how will we establish and differentiate ourselves from the other journals in the field?

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Pulmonary Circulation
Pulmonary Hypertension


Jason X.-J. Yuan, Nicholas W. Morrell, Christina Holt, Ghazwan Butrous

Published in:

Pulmonary Circulation Vol 4: No 1 cover image

March 2014

Pulmonary Circulation Vol 4: No 1

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