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Women's Health & Pregnancy Task Force

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Anna Hemnes, United States

Barbara Cockrill, United States

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Disease & Speciality

This is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to address issues important to women’s health in the context of pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular disease.

2020 Report

There have been no projects to report on in 2020, reflecting the challenging year that we have all had because of the pandemic.

Despite the lack of projects undertaken in 2020, the year offered a good opportunity to re-evaluate how we care for patients with pulmonary hypertension safely and efficiently and how to perform high quality research in the context of a pandemic. The team found new ways of interacting with colleagues near and far and continued to push ahead in understanding and better treating pulmonary hypertension.

While our world is very different from a year ago, our goals are not and the teamwork had to make progress every day towards them. The online version of PVRI’s Annual Meeting will be a great event until the day we can meet in person again.

 The Task Force was encouraged to see the PVRI has plans to address many of the challenges thrown up by the pandemic in clinical research including drug trials.

2017 Report

At the 2017 Miami PVRI meeting, the Women’s Health & Pregnancy Task Force had a very well attended session co-sponsored with the Pre-Clinical & Molecular Science Task Force and discussed the role of sex hormones on clinical disease and animal models. 

There were several posters presented that generated much discussion surrounding pulmonary vascular disease in women and paediatrics, in turn.

We continue to work on advocacy and a major focus has been writing an eBook that is spearheaded by Dr Tim Lahm. We are aiming to complete the eBook by the end of 2017.

Adjacent Task Forces

Of course, there are a number of overlaps with other Regional, as well as Disease and Speciality Task Forces within the PVRI. That being said, naturally, the Women’s Health & Pregnancy group is very closely aligned with the Paediatric & Congenital Heart Disease Task Force.

Like everything in the PVRI, as well as pulmonary vascular research and treatment as a whole, the work is a team effort.


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