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Imaging Task Force

Task force leaders

Andrew Peacock, United Kingdom

David Levin, United States

David G Kiely, United Kingdom

Andy Swift, United Kingdom

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Disease & Speciality

Mission: To further develop the use of medical imaging resources from research laboratories and practices around the world, in order to improve pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Our work aims to be accessible and easily translated into a clinical setting.

Overarching Objectives of PVRI’s Imaging Task Force

  1. Harmonise imaging protocols to improve international clinical and pulmonary vascular research collaboration.
  2. Help to develop a network of international pulmonary hypertension Imaging centres to allow dissemination of best practice.
  3. We also want to include clinicians, radiologists, imaging scientists and industry partners alongside dedicated PH professionals.
  4. Facilitate a step change in how we use medical imaging and translate this into clinical practice and pulmonary hypertension treatment.
  5. Lastly, we want to disseminate current evidence for the use of imaging in the assessment of pulmonary vascular disease in formats that will be accessible and educational.


2019 Annual Report

Achievements in 2019 

  • The PVRI Imaging Task Force continues to grow with membership from different communities, including clinical, imaging, physics and modelling backgrounds.
  • The second dedicated PVRI Imaging Symposium was held in Barcelona in 2019.

-        There were over 30 attendees, including new members to the group, with presenters and attendees coming from all over Europe, Africa, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

-        The programme offered an overview of state-of-the-art imaging in pulmonary hypertension, imaging approaches in pulmonary embolism, real world challenges and future perspectives (such as imaging of vessels, the clinical use of complex measures and the use of artificial intelligence approaches).

  • A comprehensive consensus statement by the PVRI Imaging Task Force was published in Pulmonary Circulation in 2019.

-        This publication included 27 authors from Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, spanning 10 countries and representation from physicians, radiologists, imaging scientists and computational modellers.

-        It is the first expert consensus publication specifically dealing with imaging and pulmonary hypertension.

-        The content includes a state of the art overview of the diagnostic pathway/algorithm for potential pulmonary hypertension patients, including 55 summary statements based on a Delphi approach. 

-        We encourage members of the PVRI to review the guideline and consider its adoption in their clinical practice. 

PVRI pulmonary hypertension diagnostic algorithm (PDF).

Goals for 2020-2022 

  • Aim to contribute regularly to web-based interactive cases on PVRI site
  • Explore imaging practices worldwide by conducting and auditing of current approaches within the PVRI community
  • Identify priority work-streams from the PVRI meeting in Peru. 

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