08 September 2016 13:00 until 12 September 2016 13:00

1st Annual PVRI Symposium for Young Investigators

Retreat of the next generation experts in the field of pulmonary vascular diseases: meet today – create the future

Waldeck Castle Germany.jpg

Schloss Waldeck (2012) – Author: Axel Hindemith (Wikipedia)

The CYCS (The Committee for Young Clinicians and Scientists) are excited to be holding their inaugural annual meeting in the inspiring surroundings of Schloss Waldeck Castle near Giessen in Germany in September.

We would like to thank Djuro Kosanovicz, Michael Seimetz and Mariola Bednorz for all their help in organising this event. If you would like any further information about the CYCS please click this link: CYCS


09th September

Arrival in the afternoon/evening

Evening session: welcoming words and some general and organizational PVRI- and PVRI CYCS-related issues

Dinner and social activities

10th September


Morning session: general and organizational PVRI- and PVRI CYCS-associated topics/issues


Presentations of participants´ scientific and clinical research in the field of PVD I/Interactive discussion I (“General Scientific Themes”):

Dr. Michiel de Raaf: “Mid-year review of the PVRI CYCS

On the origin of experimental Pulmonary Hypertension

Targeting the cause, affecting the course - characterization and optimization of experimental PH

Dr. Djuro Kosanovic: „Pulmonary circulation in extreme environments: focus on chronic cold and hypoxia exposure

Mariola Bednorz: “NADPH oxidases in the pathogenesis of COPD: what about the pulmonary circulation?

Coffee break and photo session

Presentations of participants´ scientific and clinical research in the field of PVD II:

Dr. Oleg Pak: “Role of mitochondrial ROS in response to hypoxia exposure: focus on pulmonary vasculature

Balram Neupane: “Obesity, gender and experimental pulmonary hypertension

Dinner and social activities

11th September


Morning session: general and organizational PVRI- and PVRI CYCS-related topics/issues

Interactive discussion II (“General Clinical Themes”):

Prof. Dr. Stelios Orfanos: “Pulmonary endothelium-bound ACE activity as a marker of pulmonary endothelial function and perfused capillary surface area in PH

Dr. Natascha Sommer: „Update on guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of PH: what`s new?


Presentations of participants´ scientific and clinical research in the field of PVD III:

Aleksandar Petrovic: “Alarmins: novel inflammatory players in the pathology of PAH

Dr. Rebecca Vanderpool: „Insights into pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular from pressure-volume loops

Insights into PH-HFpEF from an EHR-enhanced hemodynamic database

Stefan Hadzic: „COPD: cause or consequence of aging/senescence?

Coffee break

Evening lecture: Prof. Dr. Ghazwan ButrousHistory of the discovery of pulmonary circulation and how we created the PVRI society

Dinner and social activities

12th September


Morning session: conclusion of the meeting/retreat


Comments (3)

  • profile picture of Michiel Alexander de Raaf

    13 September 2016 14:55

    Michiel Alexander de Raaf

    The PVRI CYCS Retreat 2016 in Waldeck was a perfect event. I liked the way things were arranged; the CYCS-related discussions in the morning, the lunches with thereafter the social event in the afternoon, lovely dinner and scientific session in the evening. This is an unique program, but reflects our young spirit and is one of the pillars which made this event that perfect. Also many thanks to Mariola Bednorz for organizing it! We had great scientific discussions in a nice and transparant ambiance. Michiel Alexander de Raaf

  • profile picture of Mariola Bednorz

    04 October 2016 23:42

    Mariola Bednorz

    It was the first CYCS Retreat and it was a fantastic meeting! At the castle Waldeck we could exchange our scientific thoughts, talk and discuss about sophisticated ideas for the pulmonary research institute. Our young and strong scientific spirit was noticeable during all sessions. It was great to meet again the members of the CYCS group from all over the world, to spend time together and we had the chance to get to know each other better and to become good friends and even better colleagues!
    Many thanks for Djuro Kosanovic for creating a fantastic Retreat Agenda and Michiel Alexander de Raaf for taking care of all the administration things regarding the CYCS.

    I am already looking forward for the next CYCS Retreat in 2017!
    Hope to see you there all again.
    Mariola Bednorz

  • profile picture of Balram Neupane

    07 October 2016 04:53

    Balram Neupane

    PVRI retreat 2016 in Waldeck was amazing with regards to the scientific talk and get together for the young scientists. A unique combination of young and talented clinicians and researchers gathered together to discuss science and shape future strategies. Waldeck itself was a beautiful location and being together with several CYCS members was excellent and inspiring. I hope we continue this trend every year and try to gather more and more people in the subsequent retreats. Thanks everyone who were involved esp. Djuro, Michiel, Aaron and Mariola.

    Cheers, Balram.

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