23 May 2017 17:30 until 23 May 2017 19:30

PVRI ATS Get-together in Washington, D.C. on 23 May 2017

An invitation

Paul Hassoun, PVRI President for 2018/19, and North American Task Force leaders, Kurt Stenmark and Stephen Archer, warmly invite you to attend this year's PVRI Get-together at the ATS in Washington, D.C.

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Who should attend?

This is a PVRI members social event and is open to all those attending the ATS meeting in May 2017. Please spread the word to all your friends and colleagues who can join us at this event by signing up for membership.

If you are not a member of the PVRI, but would like to attend this event, please click 'Apply For Membership' at the bottom of this page. The two-step process only takes a couple of minutes and will give you access to a vast range of other member benefits.

What’s the purpose of the meeting?

This is a relaxed, mix and mingle event with the purpose of spreading the word about the PVRI to new potential members and to socialise with old friends.

Is there a cost?

No, attendance to this event is free to members.

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The Kimpton Hotel Monaco is one of Washington's most elegant boutique hotels, just a short walk away from the Washington Convention Center, where the ATS is being held.

Is it important that I attend?

The PVRI is an organisation that only works because of global collaboration. By facilitating such an event, we emphasise the importance for our members to meet each other and socialise outside of our two main scientific meetings. Building upon existing relationships and establishing new ones at these gatherings are key to the PVRI's mission. Please do join us if you are attending the ATS this year.

When and where is the event being held?

The event is being held a short walk away from the Washington Convention Center at Hotel Monaco from 5.30pm until 7.30pm on May 23rd 2017. A selection of drinks and canapés will be provided courtesy of the PVRI.

To register for this event, please sign in and register at the top of this page.

Comments (2)

  • profile picture of Gabriele Grunig

    12 May 2017 13:39

    Gabriele Grunig

    Just today the ATS announced that they are going to have a rally - Lab Coats for Lungs - also on Tuesday.
    When: Tuesday, May 23, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
    Where: Upper Senate Park (across Delaware Avenue from Russell Senate Office building/across Constitution Ave. from the US Capitol)
    I think that it would be super if PVRI members could attend the rally and then go to the PVRI get-together - dreaming ......
    I checked, our Hotel Monaco is either a 22 minute walk, or a 13 minute subway/walk commute from the rally.
    I know that it may be too late for an official adjustment of timing. I have registered & will come to the PVRI meeting. I will be a bit late (in case that we cannot adjust).
    I think that it is really important to be at the Lab Coats for Lungs rally, because a) the importance of science for lung health, including PV; b) the significance of pollution in causing deteriorations in the function and structure of the pulmonary vasculature; c) the significance of human activity for global warming, that in turn affects lung and PV health; d) the vital role of NIH funding for research - which in turn is critical for the development of new drugs, new disease management tools, and improving the use of currently approved drugs and management tools for lung, including PV, diseases.

  • profile picture of Gabriele Grunig

    12 May 2017 13:40

    Gabriele Grunig

    :) :) :) many thanks for organizing this meeting. I went last year and had a wonderful time :)

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