14 September 2017 00:00 until 17 September 2017 13:23

2nd Annual PVRI Symposium & Retreat for young investigators

The Committee for Young Clinicians & Scientists (CYCS) is delighted to be holding its Second Annual Symposium & Retreat from 14 to 17 September 2017, in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Waldeck CYCS group 2016

A welcome note from the CYCS President

'The PVRI enables us to make global friendships by stepping beyond national and cultural differences. Through this process, we will make our hard work today, tomorrow’s possibility.'

When I spoke these words during the PVRI Annual Meeting in Miami, I never realised we were getting ‘the whole world’ to our PVRI CYCS Retreat, proving the PVRI network is vivid, active. With this Retreat, we may harvest one of the many sweet fruits of our enthusiasm and dedication for the PVRI. The PVRI CYCS Retreat is unique in comparison to any other meetings of the PVRI or other scientific societies. In addition to sharing science, we will talk about the experience young researchers are exposed to. It is a grey area between getting your PhD and having your own successful group. This Retreat will help you, by discussing grant writing, mental coaching and leadership. I acknowledge you for your dedicated effort to travel to our retreat and welcome you to participate in creating the future.

A welcome note from the CYCS Secretary

On behalf of the CYCS chair and the PVRI, I have the great pleasure to welcome you all to the 2nd Annual PVRI Symposium & Retreat for Young Investigators. An event full of creative, reflective, intelligent and highly motivated scientists to create future to support each other and to foster friendship!

I am delighted to especially welcome our PVRI president Prof. Paul Corris, as well as Prof. Ghazwan Butrous, who is one of the founders of the PVRI. We sincerely thank you for honouring our invitation in light of your very busy and tight schedules.

If you would like to attend, please email: Admin@pvrinstitute.org. There is no registration fee for this event.

For more information about the CYCS, please click here.

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