21 January 2018 08:30 until 21 January 2018 17:00

Pre-clinical & Molecular Task Force Meeting in Singapore

Session title - How to improve preclinical studies in PAH: Focus on reproducibility and research translation

This workshop has been organised by Duncan Stewart, Sebastien Bonnet & Soni Pulamsetti and is open to any member of the PVRI. We encourage researchers and clinicians from all disciplines and specialties to attend. We really hope many of you will join us. 

Aim: Methodological sources of bias and suboptimal reporting contribute to irreproducibility in preclinical science and may negatively affect research translation. Resultant risks of bias and threats to study validity have the potential to hinder progress in pulmonary hypertension as preclinical research often precedes and informs clinical trials. 

This two-session symposium focuses on identifying the common opportunities in the scientific publishing arena to enhance rigour and further support PAH preclinical research that is reproducible, robust, and transparent. 

Abstract submissions

Miami abstracts

In previous years, this meeting has proved itself to be a high calibre forum for abstract submissions and discussion. If you would like to submit an abstract, please email admin@pvrinsitute.org

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