09 July 2018 09:00 until 10 July 2018 13:00

5th Annual Drug Discovery & Development Symposium for Pulmonary Hypertension, co-sponsored by the FDA.

Join us in Washington

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The scientific organisers Bradley Maron, John Newman and Stuart Rich warmly invite you to attend our 5th Annual Drug Discovery and Development Symposium being held this summer in the Washington D.C. Area, on behalf of the PVRI.


The meeting 

This year, the Annual Drug Discovery and Development for Pulmonary Hypertension Symposium will be held in the Washington D.C. area. The meeting is held annually each summer to bring leading scientists in the fields of pulmonary vascular disease, right heart failure, and clinical trial designs together with the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities to help identify the most promising treatments for future development.

The world's best, in one place

For each meeting, we assemble a faculty with exceptional achievements and expertise, and choose topics in areas that will influence the development of therapies immediately. Each topic will be critically reviewed by an expert panel, and open dialogue will allow your voice to be heard.

Like-minded people, working towards the same goals

This symposium serves as a unique forum for stakeholders interested in treatment of pulmonary vascular diseases for the sharing of cutting-edge science with the input of international thought leaders.

- For researchers involved in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension this meeting should stimulate new ideas and approaches. 

- For the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that have an interest in pulmonary vascular diseases, right heart failure or orphan diseases, it is a meeting that should not be missed. 

The meeting by design allows for opportunities for interaction among colleagues during meeting and at the evening reception.

Hotel bookings

Each registree will receive a private link with the opportunity to book at the conference hotel with reduced rates and additional gratuities in an email shortly after registering.

The date

The event will take place on 9 and 10 July 2018.

Government & regulatory registrations

If you are part of government or regulatory institution and would like to attend this event, please email admin@pvrinstitute.org and we will be in touch with registration details as fees are waived.

Trainee registrations

Trainees are permitted to register to this meeting at the discounted rate of $95.00, provided that you are able to supply a letter of documentation certifying your status as a trainee. Please follow the normal registration at the top of this page and one of our staff will be in touch with you.

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