18 October 2019 00:00 until 19 October 2019 13:59

Pulmonary Hypertension AHC Science and Practice Series, Aswan, Egypt, 18-19 October 2019


The PVRI warmly invites you to attend the Pulmonary Hypertension AHC Science and Practice Series, in association with the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, Aswan Heart Centre.

This event will be held on 18-19 October 2019, in Aswan, Egypt, a city on the Nile River, which has been southern Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity. It contains significant archaeological sites like the Philae Temple Complex, on Agilkia Island near the landmark Aswan Dam. Philae’s ruins include the columned Temple of Isis, dating to the 4th century B.C. Downriver, Elephantine Island holds the Temple of Khnum, from the Third Dynasty.

We would like to warmly thank the course directors:

  • Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub
  • Professor Paul Hassoun
  • Professor Werner Seeger

For more information and to register, please email admin@pvrinstitute.org

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