03 June 2019 00:00 until 06 July 2019 12:42

Latin American Thoracic Association Annual Meeting


On behalf of the Latin American Thoracic Association (ALAT), the PVRI would like to warmly invite you to participate in the upcoming ALAT Annual meeting. The event will take place at ATLAPA Convention Center, Panama from 3 - 6 July 2019. 

ALAT has worked both in the research and treatment of pulmonary vascular diseases (PVD) and pulmonary hypertension (PH), which has given them expert regional experience in the field. In ALAT’S 20 years, the Pulmonary Circulation Department has been recognised for its momentum and its continuous work. This work is presented every year during the regional meeting.

ALAT is a continuing collaborative partner of the PVRI and we are proud to be able to help facilitate their interaction with other contributors for the global-health agenda.


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