24 April 2020 00:00 until 24 April 2020 23:59

Joint ISHLT PVRI Symposium, Montreal, Canada, 24 April 2020

This event has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are excited to announce the Joint PVRI ISHLT Symposium, 'Of Mice and Men', which will take place during the 40th Anniversary Meeting and Scientific Sessions, in Montreal, Canada.



The Symposium will focus on the management of PAH and the development of disease modifying therapies, which face challenges due to a high number of negative Phase II trials. 

The questions to be discussed are: 

  • Do we make the right choice of agents?
  • Should we change our RCT paradigm?
  • How do we measure success?
  • How does this translate into real life management? 

The Symposium Co-chairs will be Paul Corris (PVRI) and Trevor Williams (ISHL), and discussants will be Sebastien Bonnet and Oliver Sitbon (PVRI) and Jean Luc Vachiery and Raymond Benza (ISHLT).


Palais de Congres, Montreal, Canada, where the event takes place

For more information, please visit the ISHLT website: https://ishlt.org/meetings-education/annual-meeting/ishlt2020/scientific-program/joint-symposia 

Please note that the next Joint PVRI/ISHLT Symposium will be held during our 15th Annual World Congress, in Athens in January 2021.

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