6th International Leh Symposium

23 May - 27 May 2022

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About the Symposium

The PVRI are pleased to invite you to the 6th international Leh Symposium, on behalf of the Hypobaric Hypoxia Society (HHS)’, India. The meeting will be held in Leh, Ladakh, India from May 23-27 2022, as a face-to-face event. The meeting is being organised by High Altitude Task Force leader, Qadar Pasha and Max Gassmann, and will be attended by PVRI President, Werner Seeger. 

The Leh Symposium is held every alternate year and happens to be one of the largest congregations of professionals betrothed in high altitude research. However, this past year we have seen the medical research community overcome so many challenges due to Corona pandemic and this pushed us also to postpone the assembly in 2021. The Symposium provides a very conducive platform for researchers working in the fields of pulmonary medicine, physiology, genomics and other areas of basic science under normobaric and hypobaric environment.     

The overall theme of the conference is on ‘lungs under normobaric and hypobaric hypoxia’. The symposium aims to stimulate discussions in the field of pulmonary vascular biology and related investigations involving normobaric and hypobaric hypoxia. There will be expert discussions from specialists around the world.

Topics include:

  • Hypoxia Signaling
  • Adaption to High Altitude
  • High Altitude Physiology
  • COVID-19 and the Vasculature
  • Environmental Influences in Pulmonary Pathophysiology
  • Novel Therapeutic Approaches in Oxidative Stress Mediated Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Therapeutic Targets in Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Genetic Contributions to Health and Disease at High Altitude
  • Understanding the Various Pathophysiological Dynamisms
  • Mechanistic Insights into Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Medical Technologies in Mapping Diseases



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