30 April 2012 by Stuart Rich

S. Rich: Introduction to PH-ARC

All credits to Dr. S. Rich FPVRI, University of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA

Presentation at the 2nd PVRI/FDA Conference, Bethesda, Washington DC, April 30-May 1st 2012


Additional key-words:  Academic Research Consortium,introduction,RVEF

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Stuart Rich

Director, Bluhm Cardiovascular institute Pulmonary Vascular Disease Program.

Northwestern University

United States

"The PVRI has established itself as the only professional organization that is devoted exclusively towards addressing the field of pulmonary vascular diseases. To me, the greatest attribute of the PVRI has been its success with the annual scientific congress by bringing physicians from around the world, and from diverse areas of expertise, into a common arena to facilitate collaboration. The PVRI is responsible for contributing to progress more than people can appreciate."


Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Right Ventricle: Structure, Function and Dysfunction

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    22 February 2018 15:46

    Ralf Schmiedel

    Great mission, but just ... missing - educated / trained - patient representatives.
    In the EU patient involvement is recommended and EURORDIS (European Organzisation of Rare Diseases) is offering great training, to enable patient to being part in every stage of drug development.
    The program is called EURORDIS Summer School and I am a fellow of 2016, for example.
    You have to do lots of e-learning, of about 5 months and about 20-30h per 3 weeks.
    And then 1 week of live education in Barcelona.
    The even bigger training for patient reps in the EU and beyond was offered by EUPATI (European Patient Academy on Therapeutic Innovations, now continiued by the ELF (European Lung Foundation).
    This program runs over 3 semesters, of e-learning and 2 weeks of full time learning in Barcelona, I am planning to doing this next.

    Meanwhile there should be about 400 educated EURORDIS alumni, plus maybe 150-250 EUPATI alumni, who are trained to join exactly those projects.

    I am member of the German PH association as well as the HHT association, where I am 2nd chair. From HHT we sent a couple of members there, as well as the other EU HHT associations.

    Just wanted to point to this, because as you know, involvement of "customers" can be very helpful for finding a fitting product.

    Here's a visualization: http://www.projectcartoon.com/cartoon/1278

    Just wanted to throw this in.

    Ralf Schmiedel

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