01 January 2015 by John Ryan, Thenappan Thenappan, Stuart Rich, Stephen Archer

Category 2 PH after mitral valve repair

Ryan JJ,Thenappan T,Luo N,Ha T,Patel AR,Rich S,Archer SL.The WHO classification of pulmonary hypertension: A case-based imaging compendium.Pulmonary circulation. 2012 ;2:107-21.

Category 2 PH after mitral valve repair. (A) Normal sinus rhythm with lateral T wave flattening. (B) Chest X-ray showing splaying of carina and left atrial enlargement. (C) Lateral chest X-ray showing mitral ring in place and RV enlargement. (D) Representative long axis echocardiography view showing RV enlargement, left ventricular hypertrophy (RVDd: Right ventricular diastolic diameter; LVDd: Left ventricular diastolic diameter; IVS: Interventricular septum). (E) Parasternal short axis echocardiography view showing septal flattening. (F) Color flow Doppler showing severe TR. (G) TR velocity and waveform. (H) Turbulence across the prosthetic mitral valve. (I) CW Doppler flow across mitral valve showing normal gradient for size (dashed tracing) and short half-time (dashed line) suggesting normally functioning mitral valve repair. Pressure half-time of >180 ms may be abnormal. (J) Pulmonary artery pressure tracing and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure tracing showing pulmonary hypertension and normal pulmonary wedge (PW) pressure.


Additional keywords: left ventricle,electrocardiogram,echocardiography,x-ray,group 2

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