01 January 2015 by Nadera Sweiss

Echocardiogram: (a) The apical 4-chamber view of the heart

Sweiss {NJ},Hushaw L,Sawaqed R,Mustafa K,Kauser F,Salloum R,Hogarth {DK},Patel {AR}.Pulmonary hypertension and sarcoidosis. [Internet]. 2009 ;1:191. Available from:http://www.pvrireview.org/text.asp?2009/1/3/191/54762

Echocardiogram: (a) The apical 4-chamber view of the heart. The right ventricle (RV) is mildly dilated. A blue color Doppler signal representing tricuspid regurgitation is shown. (b) A continuous wave Doppler of the tricuspid regurgitation jet. The peak velocity of the tricuspid regurgitation jet is used to estimate pulmonary artery systolic pressure (approximately 50 mmHg in this example).


Additional keywords: hilarlymphadenopathy,lymph,right ventricle ,echocardiography,dilation

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