01 January 2015 by Jason Yuan

Hematopoietic stem cell hierarchy

Yuan {JX-J},Firth {AL}.Identification of functional progenitor cells in the pulmonary vasculature. [Internet]. 2012 ;2:84. Available from:http://www.pulmonarycirculation.org/text.asp?2012/2/1/84/94841

Hematopoietic stem cell hierarchy. Self-renewing HSC give rise to several multipotent progenitors (colony forming units (CFU), common myeloid progenitor (CMP) and common lymphoid progenitors (CLP)), which, in turn, produce oligopotent progenitors, unipotent progenitors and eventually fully differentiated cells. The CMP is able to produce granulocyte-macrophage progenitors (GMP) and megakaryocyte/erythrocyte progenitors (MEP) giving rise to monocyte/macrophages/granulocytes and megakaryocytes/platelets/ erythrocytes, respectively. Erythoid burst forming unite (BFU-E) give rise to pro-erythroblast colony forming unit-erythroid (CFU-E) before erythrocytes are formed and the CLP gives rise to pre-B and pre-T cells which continue to mature into mature B and T lymphocytes.


Additional keywords: haematology,hematopoiesis,stem cell,mesengenic,

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