01 January 2015

Histopathology images of pulmonary vascular disease: arterial lesions in Schistosomiasis

All credits to Vera Demarchi Aiello FPVRI, Mauro Canzian. Published in PVRI Review, Vol 1 Issue 2, April-June 2009, pp. 135-138

Photomicrographs of arterial lesions in Schistosomiasis. Panel a shows an occluded artery accompanying an alveolar duct. Panel b shows the granulomatous reaction with an egg of the parasite (arrows). Panel c demonstrates diffuse infl ammatory infi ltrate in the wall of a muscular artery but no granulomatous reaction or parasitic remnants. In particular, eosinophils are abundant (arrows in the insert). Hematoxylin-eosin stain, objective magnifications, respectively, 10, 40 and 20


Additional keywords: schistosomiasis,occlusion,medial hypertrophy,egg,lesion

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