01 January 2015

Histopathology images of pulmonary vascular disease: tumor thrombotic microangiopathy

All credits to Vera Demarchi Aiello FPVRI, Mauro Canzian. Published in PVRI Review, Vol 1 Issue 2, April-June 2009, pp. 135-138

Occlusive arterial lesion in the so-called tumor thrombotic microangiopathy. The patient presented clinically with subacute pulmonary hypertension, and the necropsy showed an unsuspected gastric adenocarcinoma. In a (hematoxylin-eosin stain), a peripheral muscular pulmonary artery shows an occlusive intimal lesion. The surrounding lymphatic vessels show neoplastic emboli (arrows). In b, the immunohistochemistry labeling with CD15 depicted positive carcinoma cells within the intimal proliferative lesion and inside the lymphatic vessels (brown color). Objective magnification 20


Additional keywords: occlusion,tumor,thrombus,adenocarcinoma,neoplastic

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