01 January 2015

Lung concentrations of apelin in chronic hypoxic rats

Andersen {CU},Mellemkj'r S,Simonsen U,Hilberg O,Nielsen-Kudsk {JE}.Apelin and pulmonary hypertension. [Internet]. 2011 ;1:334. Available from:http://www.pulmonarycirculation.org/text.asp?2011/1/3/334/87299

Original figure adapted from data in Andersen et al.[1](a): In chronic hypoxic rats, lung concentrations of apelin were not altered in the same direction as plasma apelin by hypoxia and sildenafil treatment. (b): Right ventricular apelin concentrations correlated weakly with plasma apelin levels; (c): Plasma apelin levels were not correlated to right ventricular systolic pressure. RVSP: Right ventricular systolic pressure. = Normoxic rats; = Hypoxic rats, = Hypoxic rats treated with sildenafil 25 mg/kg/day. ;(1) Andersen CU,Markvardsen LH,Hilberg O,Simonsen U.Pulmonary apelin levels and effects in rats with hypoxic pulmonary hypertension.Respir Med. 2009 ;103(11):1663-71.


Additional keywords: apelin,factor,right ventricle,lung

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