01 January 2015 by Sachindra Joshi

MicroRNAs regulating smooth muscle restricted contractile protein expression

Joshi SR,McLendon JM,Comer BS,Gerthoffer WT.MicroRNAs-control of essential genes: Implications for pulmonary vascular disease.Pulmonary circulation. 2011 ;1:357-64.

MicroRNAs regulating smooth muscle restricted contractile protein expression. Multiple miRNAs modulate the key transcriptional co-regulators myocardin and KLF4, which are positive and negative regulators of SRF-dependent smooth muscle gene expression. Current evidence shows miR-1, miR-25, miR-133a, miR-146a and miR-145 all modulate expression of either KLF4 or myocardin to influence contractile protein expression. The red lines indicate silencing of protein expression or inhibition of miRNA expression by pathway components. The green arrows indicate activation or upregulation of the pathway component.


Additional keywords: microRNA,genetics,smooth muscle cell,miR-145,vasoreactivity

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