01 January 2015 by Brian Graham

Plexiform and intima lesions in IPAH

Tuder {RM},Graham {BB}.The diseased endothelium: Would it explain it all?. [Internet]. 2010 ;2:5. Available from:http://www.pvrireview.org/text.asp?2010/2/1/5/58622

Plexiform and intima lesions in IPAH. Two cellular plexiform lesion are seen in a branching point of a muscular pulmonary artery (a, highlighted by arrows). Another pulmonary artery shows overall intima thickening with predominance of extracellular matrix (b). However, the cells have a more concentric arrangement at the branching point (arrows), reminiscent of the process seen in panel (a). Indeed, a close up of a lesion in the same pulmonary artery shows increased numbers of endothelial cells immersed in an extracellular rich background (c, highlighted in yellow circle).


Additional keywords: plexiform lesion,media,medial hypertrophy,occlusive

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