01 January 2015 by Nicholas Morrell

Scheme summarising the roel of BMP mutations in PAH

Morrell {NW}.{TGF--related} molecules and pulmonary vascular remodeling in familial and nonfamilial pulmonary arterial hypertension. [Internet]. 2009 ;1:42. Available from:http://www.pvrireview.org/text.asp?2009/1/1/42/44889

Scheme summarising the roel of BMP mutations in PAH. BMPRII mutations may effect the maturation of the pulmonary circulation during development, thereby providing an anatomical substrate for the subsequent susceptibility to PAH. Other factors, or second hits, may be required to lead to a critical reduction in BMP signaling and subsequent abnormalities of TGF- signalling leading to the vascular remodelling that characterises PAH.


Additional keywords: BMPR2,tyrosine kinase inhibitor,TGF,BMP

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