01 March 2017 by Walter Mosquera

Experience in the follow-up of dual treatment in pediatric patients with pulmonary hypertension

In a period of five years, a group of patients were  followed in a highly complex center in the city of Cali, Colombia, a referral center in the  south-west of Colombia with a large number of pediatric patients per year With congenital cardiopathies for evaluation and surgical correction or hemodynamic studies.

A total of 18 patients were treated with dual phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor therapy (Sildenafil) and endothelin antagonist (Bosentan). We followed them up in a period between 1 January 2011 and 1 June 2016. Among all the the patients treated, 16 % were younger than one year old. We  analysed age, sex, origin and height based on the city of remission, we also analyzed  the result of  both echocardiographic and cardiac catheterization, before and after the start of dual treatment. We also followed clinical parameters base on the functional class, taking into account haematological and biochemical tests, which shows a remarkable evolution in the clinical course of the disease, obtaining markers of their functional status after the ending period of observation, showing  important  improvement compared to its initial state when  the treatment  started.  With these results, and  the experience we had with the investigation, it shows the advantage of using dual therapy and also demonstrates the importance of the  clinical and paraclinical measures, finding safety and effectiveness the therapy in the paediatric population younger than one year.

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Walter Mosquera

Coordinator Fellow Pediatric cardiology

Clinica Fundacion Valle del Lili


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Cardiologo Pediatra Hemodinamista Fundacion Valle del Lili Cali Colombia Luis Ernesto Ponce. Fellow Cardiologia Pediatrica

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