01 March 2017 by Gulfer Okumus

Intravenous epoprostenolin pulmonaryhypertension: experience of a single centre


Epoprostenol infusion in pulmonary hypertension is the only treatment that is shown to improve survival in advanced disease.

Material - method

The study was performed at Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Pulmonary Hypertension Centre.  Patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) who were treated with iv epoprostenol between June 2014 and October 2016 were evaluated.


A total of 15 patients were evaluated (11 female, 4 male).  Thirteen were in Group I (10 idiopatic pulmonary hypertension - IPAH, 1 eisenmenger syndrome, 2 scleroderma), 2 inoperable chronic tromboembolism pulmonary hypertension - CTEPH). Mean age was 55 years (31-79 years). At the baseline 4 of the patients were in functional class (FC) III and 11 were in FC IV.

Average PAPsistolik was 112mmHg (80-160mmHg) (by TTE) and 2 patient had moderate – severe pericardial effusion. Average PAPmean was 51mmHg, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure was 10mmHg, pulmonary vascular resistance was 11.9mmHg (by right heart catheterisation). Seven patients could perform 6 minute walking test and walking distance was 258m. Pro-BNP was 8275pg/ml. Mean treatment duration of iv epoprotenol was 6.5month (1-27month).

Seven patient died during the follow-up period. Three of them discontinued treatment due to catheter infection, thrombositopenia, jaw pain. FC improved in most in patients who continued the treatment. Walking distance increased by 62m. FC improved from IV to II.


During the two-year follow-up, FC and walking distance of patients with pulmonary hypertension was improved with iv epoprestenol.

About the author

profile picture of Gulfer Okumus

Gulfer Okumus

Profesor doctor ( medical doctor)

Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Departmant of Pulmonary Disease


Key Contributors

GülferOkumuş1,Züleyha Bingöl1, Nuran Gökbulut1, Ahmet Kaya Bilge2, Murat İnanç3, 1 Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Pulmonary 2 Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Cardiology 3 Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Rheumotology

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