04 February 2019 by Gabriel Diaz

Severe pulmonary hypertension (PH) in children between 1 and 5 years old living at altitude, in Bogota, located at 2,640 meters over sea level (mosl)

Introduction and Justification:

There are very few studies on PH in children living at altitude. For this reason, the result of studies realized on PH in children living at sea level, are extrapolated to children with PH living at altitude. PH at altitude is influenced and affected by Hypobaric Hypoxia.


Taking into account the importance of early detection of PH, we decided to analyze some characteristics of PH in children with age 1-5 years old living in Bogota (2.640 MOSL).

Material and Methods:

From a cohort of 81 children with PH living in Bogotá, we analyzed the children between 1 and 5 years old. All had catheterism. Epidemiological study was made.


27 children between 1-5 years old were found. 18 females, 9 males; 21: IPH; 3 with Down Syndrome, developed PH after ductus closure; 3 associated with CHD. The median of mean PP was 69 mm HG (73 for males and 66 for females). The media of pulmonary resistances was 25.56 WU. 6 patients died and 1 had a cerebrovascular accident.


Between the cohort of 81 children (under 18 years old) 33.33% are between 1 and 5 years old (we are working in early detection of PH). The severity of PH at early age is significant and this explains the important mortality (22%).


1) PH in children at altitude deserves more attention, taking into account that more than 140.000.000 of people live over 2500 MOSL.
2) PH in children can be severe in the first five years of life
3) In this group of patients, PH is much more frequent in females than in males, but was more severe in males.
4) In this cohort of children with PH in altitude, IPH was the main cause of PH, with important differences in relation with other causes


Key Contributors

1 Gabriel Díaz, 2 Alicia Marquez, 1Jairo Echeverry, 1 Manuel Huertas, 3 Roy Sanguino, 3 Oscar Arévalo, 4 Miguel Ronderos, 5 Santiago Ucróz, 6 Sandra Matiz : 1: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2: Clínica De La Mujer, CPO; 3: Hospital La Misericordia, 4: Fundación Cardioinfantil, 5: Compensar, 6: Famisanar

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