30 September 2021

Beyond DNA: The unseen genome and novel omics approaches to PH

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  • Francois Potus // MicroRNAs and IncRNAs in right heart hypertrophy and failure
  • Stephen Chen // LncRNA as biomarkers/therapeutic agents for pulmonary diseases - prospective view
  • Soni Savai-Pullamsetti // Epigenomics in pulmonary vascular remodelling
  • Herbert Schiller // Multiomic tools for single cell analysis
  • Christopher Rhodes // Proteomics: From discovery research toward the clinic - novel AI perspectives?

Poll results

1. Do you think that miRNAs and lncRNAs are ready for drug development in PAH?

Yes - 33.33%

No - 66.67%


2. Could the use of lncRNAs as biomarkers help in PAH risk stratification and treatment decisions?

Yes - 81.48%

No - 18.52%


3. Targeting epigenetic mechanisms represents a well validated approach for drug development in PAH

Agree - 66.67%

Disagree - 33.33%


4. We can derive predictive protein signatures in peripheral body fluids that reflect specific cell and tissue states in diseased organs

Agree - 89%

Disagree - 11%


5. Artificial intelligence holds the key to mechanistic biomarker discovery and novel targets in PAH

Agree - 74%

Disagree - 26%

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