19 October 2022

Infection & Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Task Force Lectures 2022

The role of COVID-19 in the right ventricular function and exercise tolerance

The immune landscape of HIV and schistosomiasis co-infection

Scars that never felt a wound: Post COVID-19 Pulmonary fibrosis and PVD

HIV and Schistosomiasis co-infection

Regulation of lysosomal activity reprograms lung endothelial sterol metabolism to control SARS-CoV2 entry and COVID-19

Role of local complement activation in COVID-19 lung disease

High altitude and COVID-19: potential effects on pulmonary circulation

COVID-19 and PVD: Lessons learned from HIV associated pulmonary disease

The clinical management of PH patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Effect of HIV on PAH role of HIV-Nef and EMAP II

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