04 May 2022

The association between cancer and PH: A tale of two diseases

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  • Timothy Morris // Cancer induced PH: Embolism as a major inducer
  • Rajkumar Savai // Cancer induced PH: Microenvironmental cancer niche as a major inducer
  • Frédéric Perros // Cancer therapies induced PH
  • Olivier Boucherat // Cancer related signalling mechanisms underlying PH development
  • Yann Grobs // FOXO3: A new potential therapeutic target in pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Michael Cekay // Non-invasive surrogate markers of PH are associated with poor survival in lung cancer patients

Poll results

1. N/A


2. Talk 2: PH impacts the lung cancer prognosis and survival

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%


3. Talk 3: Current animal models of pulmonary hypertension, acute and hyperproliferative in nature, do not predict the effect of anti-cancer therapies in the setting

Yes - 100%

No - 0%


4. Talk 4: Should we focus on signaling pathways identified in cancer to find new actionable targets in PAH?

Yes - 100%

No - 0%


5. Talk 5: TFP is an antagonist of calmodulin and has a cardioprotective effect on left ventricle. In PAH, do you think TFP treatment could improve hemodynamic parameters by playing a role on lung and right ventricle maladaptive remodeling?

Yes - 75%

No - 25%


Talk 6: Lung cancer patients with pulmonary hypertension may profit from guidelines based pulmonary hypertension therapy.

Agree - 75%

Disagree - 25%

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