28 February 2023

Pulmonary hypertension community call - February 2023

In this call, our moderators Dr Jason Weatherald and Katrina Barry are joined by ourĀ  PVRI Social Champions, Charifa Awada and Tatiana Kudryashova, and guest Dr Jason Zelt, to discuss the latest developments in PH this month. Topics include:

  • G9a/GLP Targeting Ameliorates Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  • Right Ventricular Maladaptation to Pressure Overload in Fischer Rats is Associated with Profound Deficiency in Adenylate Kinase 1 and Impaired Ventricular Energetics
  • Eliminating Senescent Cells Can Promote Pulmonary Hypertension Development and Progression

Articles featured in this call

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