24 July 2023

Recordings from Drug Discovery & Development Symposium 2023 - Digital Health Technology and digital endpoints

Digital Health Technology (DHT) advancements & implementation at the FDA, Foundation for National Institutes of Health (FNIH) & pharma to optimise clinical trial designs & endpoints in PH

Chairs: Christine Garnett & Peter Fernandes

Panellists: Veronica Franco & Harry Rowland

FDA Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (CDER) Division of Cardiology & Nephrology (DCN)

Speaker: Christine Garnett

FNIH Initiative To Further The Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Development Of DHT Endpoints

Speakers: Josh Fessel & Jessilyn Dunn

FNIH, pharma & academia pioneering of digital endpoints

Taking the plunge with actigraphy: USA & China (lessons learnt)

Speaker: Peter Fernandes

Videos are uploaded across 5 pages:

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