11 January 2024

Clinical trials for pulmonary arterial hypertension: What are we learning?

Our monthly webinar series, PVRI 2023/24 Digital, continued on January 10 2024, with talks from four highly respected speakers on clinical trials for PAH. The series, developed by Dr Patricia Thistlethwaite, connects senior experts and young investigators from around the world and follows the success of our PVRI 2021/22 Digital series. Get the details of the full series here.


  • ADVANCE Trial – Ralinepag – prostacyclin receptor agonist Fernando Torres 
  • Sotatercept phase 2 and phase 3 trials Marc Humbert 
  • TORREY Trial – Inhaled seralutinib (PDGFR, CSFIR, c-Kit inhibitor) Robert Frantz 
  • VIPAH-PRN Trial – Vardenafil inhaled phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor powder Veronica Franco 

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