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Why join the PVRI?

The PVRI is the only professional organisation fighting pulmonary vascular disease on a global scale. With our network expanding to over 8,300 people across 103 different countries, we are the only organisation in the world dedicated to advancing research and knowledge and to combatting pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular disease (PVD).

Whether you are a pulmonary hypertension specialist, a pharmaceutical representative, a regulator, a patient or a care giver, joining our growing global network means you share a vision to reduce the global burden of pulmonary vascular disease within the next two decades. We aim to achieve this through global collaboration, striving for excellence in clinical care, research and education.

All our members are dedicated to raising awareness of the condition - along with its causes and symptoms - and undertaking or facilitating basic, clinical and translational research at a level that no single individual or academic institution could accomplish.

Help from across the globe

We are home to both regional and specialist Task Forces that operate worldwide. The goal of each of our Task Forces is to increase levels of understanding of different clinical classes of the disease, where some may be prevalent due to geographical reasons and improve care for PH patients from bench to bedside and back. Our newest Task Force, Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Initiative (IDDI) has recently released a special collection of papers featured in our journal Pulmonary Ciruclation.

Membership benefits

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Access to live PVRI monthly webinars  
Access to PVRI Engage – an interactive discussion forum with a global community  
Discounted access to PVRI’s symposia and congresses  
Task Forces  
Access to our Digital Clinic  
Access to Pulmonary Circulation journal
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PVRI Engage: connect with your peers

Join the community dialogue with our online discussion platform, PVRI Engage, the world's first PH professionals only forum. Converse with leading scientists and doctors in the field from all corners of the world.  


The forum offers a secure messaging service so members are able to contact one another directly. These messages are secure, encrypted, and cannot be seen by our staff or other members.


Ready to start contributing? To ensure our forum meets the standards of our in-person meetings, we’ve introduced some gamification elements that reward quality content. For each post that resonates with the community, users are able to send a 'thanks' and upvote the post. Combining this with the level of your activity within the forum and reply count, a weekly leaderboard of top posters is generated.

Congresses and events

Each year, we organise two large scientific meetings on different continents for leading stakeholders in PH. These include academics and clinicians, pharmaceutical representatives and regulatory bodies. PVRI membership gives you discounted access to these events –  The Drug Discovery and Development Symposium (Bethesda 2023) and PVRI2024, London. 

The PVRI Digital Clinic: Learning at your fingertips

PVRI membership gives access to our digital clinic: an e-learning platform developed by experienced clinicians, with the primary aim of educating clinicians about PH and it’s the latest in clinical guidelines. The digital clinic has specialist advice for each step of a patient’s care from the general clinic, to delivering treatment.

What our members are saying

 "In my opinion, PVRI is the most impactful and enjoyable organization to work with in the field"

- Gil Golden, United Therapeutics


"The amazing feature of the PVRI organization is its unique ability to bring together the scientists, physicians, and patients from different countries from all over the world, to share experiences, to facilitate collaborations and to unite them in their efforts to fight pulmonary vascular diseases."

- Tatiana Kudryashova, University California Davis


“The PVRI is a supportive network of likeminded professionals how have a shared passion for improving the outcome of patients with pulmonary vascular disease. The PVRI has provided me with a single point of contact for cross-discipline world experts and a supportive environment to develop ideas and collaborations.”

- Allan Lawrie, Imperial College London  

Our research platform is the world.

Through worldwide collaboration, we can begin to answer the question of a global disease.

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