26 February 2016

PVRI/PC Journal First Quarter Newsletter

Welcome to the first joint edition of PVRI/PC Journal News!

Pulmonary Circulation is proud to be the official journal of the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI), the only global medical research charity dedicated to the fight against pulmonary vascular diseases.

The PVRI’s three guiding principles are to Inform, Collaborate, and Combat.

PVRI informs its members and the wider research community by providing educational materials and a world-class journal dedicated to communicating research on pulmonary vascular disease; its members come together from all across the globe to collaborate in the search for a cure for PVD; and they bring together clinicians, research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory bodies to find new ways to combat the disease.

It is our honor to be able to work in tandem with the PVRI to bring new insight, engagement and collaboration to the fight against pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular diseases.

PVRI Membership Reminder

If you haven’t already renewed your PVRI membership, it’s now time to log-in and do so.

If you're not already a member of the PVRI, there are many benefits in joining. Our new website has all the latest information on pulmonary hypertension and PVD available to you and with over 600 e-learning materials, Pulmonary Circulation articles and PVRI Chronicle articles, there is something of interest for everyone. Only paid members can now view the e-learning content, so it is important you sign up. You have a 30-day free membership trial, just in case you change your mind.

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