16 May 2016

PVRI works with University of Kent Business School students

PVRI works with University of Kent Business School students

Stephanie Barwick - PVRI Chief Executive, Aaron Shefras - Marketing Manager, Margaret Carver - Administrator, Lynette Swift - Volunteer Head of Fundraising and Kent Business School students after the pitch

At the end of March this year, a group of final year Marketing students from the University of Kent Business School saw their winning Pitch It! session to the PVRI and received a loud ‘Encore!’ from its Chief Executive, Stephanie Barwick. 

The PVRI had asked the Kent Business School students to consider ways to attract and engage corporate sponsors with the charity. Under the mentorship of KBS Senior Lecturer, Dan Petrovici, student groups worked on the challenge and presented their results in a heated pitching contest to PVRI’s CEO. Mrs Barwick was so taken with the innovative awareness campaign suggested by the winning team that she asked them to come back in the spring and re-pitch their ideas to PVRI’s operational team.

The second presentation, which took place on the 11th of May, was described by PVRI’s panel as creative, scalable, pragmatic and - most importantly - workable on a global level. Mrs Lynette Swift, Chair of the PVRI Fundraising Committee said:

“I was very impressed with the amount of work the students put into the presentation. They came up with some very good ideas and we will certainly discuss internally how best we can implement these. Well done to everyone!”
Lynette Swift Volunteer Head of Fundraising, PVRI Main Head Office

PVRI and some of the students are now working on a plan as to how the ideas can be implemented.

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