01 June 2016

Annual World Congress 2017 - Miami (Preview)

After the success of 2016, we have an even more exciting programme for 2017.

It is our pleasure to introduce the Scientific Organising Committee for our Annual World Congress being held in Miami, USA in January 2017 - led by Stephen Archer & Kurt Stenmark. 

Kurt Stenmark of the PVRI
Stephen Archer of the PVRI
Bradley Maron of the PVRI
Mark Ormiston of the PVRI
Thenappan Thenappan of the PVRI
Brian Graham of the PVRI

The event

Miami Skyline.jpg

The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami, USA.

Our Congress in 2017 includes a full 4-day program including a Gala Dinner, which offers the chance for young scientists to network with leaders in the field. 

The meeting features new Named Lectureships honouring pioneers in the field. It also offers new formats for oral presentations and poster sessions, including debates, a session on "What's New/What's Hot?" and moderated poster sessions, where each presenter has the opportunity to present their work to the group. Every poster presenter gets three minutes.

Experts present case management of complex PH cases and scientists discuss stem cells, lung development and regeneration, oxygen sensing and inflammation. The latest advances in imaging and therapy for PAH are reviewed. 

All sessions allow for active delegate debate and there will be an opportunity to take advantage of organised sightseeing tours around Miami. 

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