01 June 2016

Joint PVRI ISHLT Symposium Report

The first joint ISHLT/PVRI Symposium was a success

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The inaugural joint ISHLT/PVRI Symposium took place recently at the ISHLT’s Annual Scientific Meeting held in Washington DC.

The Symposium was co-chaired by Paul Corris and Mardi Gombard-Maitland and attended by over 200 participants. 

Indeed there was standing room only throughout for the energetic and enthusiastic attendees. The theme of the Symposium addressed the important question of whether all combinations of ERA and PDE5 inhibitors are equivalent. I opened the batting with a careful review of the relevant human clinical evidence, followed by Martin Wilkins who gave a superb lesson on the relevant pharmacology. Finally Mardi interpreted the evidence with her own experienced views on the effectiveness of the available combinations before we opened up the session in true PVRI style with ample time for discussion.

The opportunity and time to debate this relevant question was a rich educational event for all and Paul took the opportunity to have the last word (as usual as many would say) to close the Symposium exactly on time. The Symposium was a great reminder for those planning such events that leaving adequate time for comments and questions from the floor enriches the educational benefits and lifts a meeting above one offering more speakers but less time for debate. The proud tradition of the PVRI was well maintained!

Paul Corris
PVRI President

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