25 July 2016

Obituary of Almaz Aldashev

Professor Almaz A Aldashev (1953-2016)

Vice-President of National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic

Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Almaz Aldashev, a leading scientist in the filed of pulmonary vascular research

We are saddened to announce the death of Almaz Aldashev, a leading scientist in the world of pulmonary vascular research.

Almaz was born and much of spent his life in Kyrgyzstan where he devoted his academic life to pulmonary disease. He is best known to us for his work in pulmonary hypertension but he had many other interests, both within and outside of science. While Kyrgyzstan was part of the Soviet Union his travels were confined to Russia and Central Asia, but with the independence of Kyrgyzstan in 1991 he was able to reach out more freely to western scientists. He developed a network of collaborators in Europe and America and linked them to physicians and scientists within the newly independent Central Asian states. A man of integrity and politically astute, it was natural that he should rise to high office in his country’s leading science community.

He was steeped in the history of Central Asia and a warm and engaging guide to Kyrgyzstan, now the Kyrgyz Republic. He was proud of his country and was happy and at home travelling the highlands, meeting local villagers and sharing stories and songs. His lost will be felt at home and abroad.

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