30 August 2016

3rd Annual Drug Discovery & Development Symposium 2016 - Summary

DDS Meeting in Bethesda 2016

The 3rd Annual Drug Discovery & Development meeting took place in Bethesda, DC this year and proved an excellent well-attended event. It attracted physician/scientists, scientists and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and drug regulatory bodies.

It thus remains true to its ideal, offering a unique coming together of all stakeholders involved in translating promising molecules into proven licensed therapies for clinical use within the field of pulmonary vascular disease.

It offered much more than this however, with excellent talks on potential new targets for therapy including BMPR2, oestrogen and mitochondria. There was also a great demonstration that exercise-induced pulmonary hypertension is a real clinical entity leading to symptomatic breathlessness.

Next year, the meeting will be held in Berlin and I would urge you all to keep an eye on the PVRI website and register early. This meeting offers a unique opportunity to participate in vibrant debate and listen to excellent state of the art talks on contemporary and future therapeutic approaches to Pulmonary Hypertension.


Paul Corris
President, PVRI

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