30 August 2016

New Team Members

The PVRI welcomes three new additions to our team in 2016, John Harrington (PVRI Council Member & Trustee: Treasurer), Mary E. Reynolds (Pulmonary Circulation Staff Member: Associate Editor) and Michael Brown (Pulmonary Circulation : Publishing Consultant). We welcome them all to the PVRI. A little bit about them:

John Harrington - PVRI Council Member & Trustee: Treasurer

John Harrington, PVRI

My career began in engineering, during which time I implemented business computer based systems across 3 businesses employing in excess of 600 staff. Systems included CAD/CAM, Manufacturing (MRP I and II), Office, Order Entry, Accounts and Project Management.

To develop my knowledge of business, gained in support of systems, I undertook a post-graduate management qualification. This was prior to moving to a US International company where I progressed to Director of Operations. During this period I had responsibility for manufacture and purchasing of product across Europe with special projects for opening up China based manufacturing in the New Territories and heading up their European Advertising Agency. 1994 saw me move to the SME sector managing private businesses and taking up positions on the board.

Whilst there, both turnover and profits were increased whilst relocating to new premises to accommodate the expansion. With this first hand experience in the SME sector Harrington Associates was formed in 2003 where work is conducted with a number of businesses in improving performance and importantly the bottom line.

I am looking forward to working with PVRI where I hope to bring my business experience to develop and build on the excellent work that has been done to date in making this a worldwide professional organisation that delivers both benefits to its members and in the ongoing research into Pulmonary Vascular disease.

My first exposure to what PVRI offers was at the Annual Drug Conference held in July in Bethesda USA where I found the presentations and the post-discussions with the panel of experts to be both informative and enlightening across a wide range of subjects. I look forward to meeting some of you at future events.

Mary E. Reynolds - Pulmonary Circulation Staff Member: Associate Editor

Mary Reynolds, PVRI

Mary E. Reynolds joined Pulmonary Circulation as Editorial Associate in June 2016.

Mary brings twenty years of writing experience, and seven years of editing experience to the journal. Before joining Pulmonary Circulation, she worked for medical and scientific journals, education journals, university alumni magazines, sports magazines, and weekly newspapers. She’s currently writing a book, The Quake that Drained the Desert, about how an 1887 earthquake in Sonora, Mexico, permanently altered water supplies in northern Mexico and southern Arizona. She tells the story through the eyes of historic eyewitnesses including a Tombstone physician, a frontier photojournalist, and a Mexican engineer who investigated the earthquake and its aftermath.

She’s excited to be working with Pulmonary Circulation and the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute; and she looks forward to increasing the journal’s influence in the laboratory and in the clinic.

Mary holds an M.A. in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Mary recently returned to her hometown of Tucson after two years in Barcelona. She serves on the City of Tucson Planning Commission. She’s also a competitive cyclist who loves to ride the roads and trails of Arizona.

You can contact Mary at:

Michael Brown - Pulmonary Circulation: Publishing Consultant

New_Project 30.png

Michael Brown is a publishing consultant focused on helping publishers, academic societies and journal owners grow and sustain their business in a rapidly evolving market.

He has 20 years’ experience in scientific publishing spanning the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, and across operational and editorial management. He has held senior positions at commercial publishers and university presses and has advised many leading societies and royal medical colleges on the strategic development of their publishing portfolios.

He has been responsible for the financial and qualitative performance of many of the world's leading medical specialty journals. Michael is passionate about scientific publishing and thoroughly enjoys working with researchers, clinicians, and society officers to realize commercial and academic goals for their publications and help improve global access to scientific research. 

Michael has been recruited by the PVRI to support its flagship journal Pulmonary Circulation with the transition to a new publisher and its ongoing growth and development.

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