30 August 2016

The PVRI E-learning Course: Introduction

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The PVRI e-learning course has now begun the early stages of its development. This month has seen rapid progress for the project, having now selected two web development agencies to build a prototype of the course in partnership with the PVRI and also two clinicians to manage course content along with our editors. 

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Martin Johnson & Colin Church, who will be the Scientific Content Managers for the first module. The course will be built from the team you'll see below.

In the coming weeks, we'll be finalising our chosen web development agency to help build the course, with a pilot module ready to be launched to our members after our Annual World Congress in Miami, in January 2017.

New_Project 33.png
COlin church.png
New_Project 34.png
New_Project 35.png
New_Project 32.png
New_Project 30.png
New_Project 27.png
New_Project 31.png

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