15 June 2017

Pulmonary Circulation receives its first Impact Factor of 2.178

We are delighted to announce that Pulmonary Circulation received its first Impact Factor of 2.178. This is a remarkable result and a tribute to our Chief Editors, Jason Yuan and Nick Morrell. Congratulations to Jason, Nick and the wider editorial team for this fantastic achievement.

Only a quality journal is awarded an Impact Factor. This is a measure of the frequency that an average article in a journal has been cited in a given year. With our new Impact Factor, this now places Pulmonary Circulation 69 out of 126 journals in the cardiology category and 40 out of 59 journals in the respiratory category, which for a young journal is particularly outstanding.

This considerable achievement confirms that Pulmonary Circulation is recognised as a leading journal featuring the highest quality material on pulmonary hypertension.

Congratulations to the entire Pulmonary Circulation team and a big thank you to all its contributors.

We are delighted to receive our first Impact Factor for Pulmonary Circulation, which is a tribute to the support and belief of our authors and readers. This gives us a very strong basis from which to develop PC into the journal of choice for clinical and basic research in the pulmonary vascular field.
Nick Morrell Chief Editor, University of Cambridge
We would like to thank all our editorial board members, our colleagues in the field, and the authors/readers for their support of the journal. We will try our best to make the journal an attractive and recognized venue for clinicians, physician-scientists and investigators in the field of lung vascular pathobiology and pulmonary vascular disease to convey their best scientific and medical discoveries.
Jason Yuan Chief Editor, University of Arizona
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Comments (3)

  • profile picture of Lin Deng

    20 June 2017 23:41

    Lin Deng

    Good achievement, the impact factor will rise in the furthure

  • profile picture of Lin Deng

    20 June 2017 23:41

    Lin Deng

    Good achievement, the impact factor will rise in the future

  • profile picture of Michiel Alexander de Raaf

    13 July 2017 17:41

    Michiel Alexander de Raaf

    Very good news! Congrats to all who contributed to this huge success! Of course, we from the PVRI CYCS are supportive to Pulm Circ to achieve the next milestone!

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