10 August 2017

Giessen - Postdoc research position now open


Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU)'s Faculty of Medicine Imaging and Phenotyping Unit (PI: Dr Baktybek Kojonazarov) invites applications for a Research assistant /Postdoc full time position until 30 June 2020. Start date to be confirmed.

If  all requirements are fulfilled, the salary scale according to the 'Entgeltgruppe 13 Tarifvertrag Hessen (TV-H)' will apply.

The candidate will be working within project CP02 "Phenotyping of pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale" of the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1213, "Pulmonary Hypertension and Cor Pulmonale".


The role comprises the facilitation of the candidate's own scientific qualification, including the acquisition of scientific skills by means of investigating in depth the research area "Pulmonary Hypertension and Cor Pulmonale". In addition, the main focus is put on providing scientific services, in particular by conducting examinations on animal physiology, imaging technologies and performing surgeries on mice and rats at the highest level in the area of translational experimental cardiology and pneumology. Further responsibilities within the central project CP02 include the storage and analysis of data on animal experiments for various other projects within the Collaborative Research Centre, as well as the supervision of technical employees and doctoral students in an international environment.


Full university education with a completed doctorate in biology or veterinary medicine or a comparable scientific education, as well as an outstanding pathophysiological knowledge. Further knowledge in histology and/or transgenic mouse technology, as well as a certificate of competence for conducting animal experiments is expected. A fluent knowledge of English is obligatory since it is the language used in the lab. The candidate should be self-sufficient and be able to use their own initiative to a large extent. He or she should be able to adequately represent the institute and be confident in business discussions.

JLU aims to employ more women in academic research. We therefore particularly encourage female candidates to apply. JLU is regarded as a family friendly university. Applicants with children are very welcome. Disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will receive preferential consideration.


All applications and relevant documentation should include the following application number: 437/12647/11. Please send your application by 29 September 2017 (no e-mail will be accepted) to:

Dr Baktybek Kojonazarov
Justus Liebig University
Imaging and Phenotyping
ECCPS building
Aulweg 130
35392 Giessen

Disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will receive preferential consideration. We ask that applications be submitted only in duplicate form, as no documents will be returned after completion of the procedure.


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