25 January 2018

Task Force Annual Report - North America


The PVRI 2017 World Congress was held in Miami, Florida in January. This was the first time this prestigious meeting was held in the United States and it was a rousing success. With over 300 attendees, it was the largest Congress to date. We hosted an exciting array of speakers from around the world and were most pleased by the interactions between all attendees at the meeting.

Following the World Congress several other prominent international meetings, involving the pulmonary circulation, have taken place.  In May, the PVRI was well represented at the International American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference, which took place in Washington, DC. The PVRI Get-Together was well attended and served to introduce members of the Pulmonary Circulation Committee to all the great things the PVRI is doing. Members of the PVRI were prominent in presentations throughout this prestigious meeting.

Next was the Bi-Annual Grover Conference. This meeting was held in September  at a ranch near the base of Pikes Peak in Sedalia, Colorado. This conference focused on endothelial dysfunction in the setting of acute and chronic lung vascular diseases. Again, members of the PVRI community played essential roles in this conference.

Most recently, the American Heart Association (AHA) International Meeting occurred in Anaheim, California. The primary organisers of this meeting, Mark Gladwin, Sébastien Bonnet and Paul Yu, are all prominent members of the North American Task Force.

The meeting was verywell attended and the presentations were outstanding. The AHA continues to be excited about its partnership with the PVRI.

During the year, Task Force leader Stephen Archer stepped down. The PVRI would like to express their sincere thanks to Stephen for all his support.

New co-leaders Sébastien Bonnet, Canada and Rubin Tuder, Denver, Colorado, USA have been appointed to assist Kurt Stenmark in his task. We would like to formally welcome Sébastien and Rubin and wish them luck in their new roles.

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