05 November 2018

Phase 2 development of the PVRI Digital Clinic starts

Phase 2 of the PVRI Digital Clinic commences

During Phase 1, we successfully created the template for the course which features three patient cases. You can view the course here: https://pvrinstitute.org/en/e-learning

Starting from today, we are embarking on the development of Phase 2. Our ambition is to create a total of nine additional patient cases, with the help of shortlisted leading PH clinics around the world. Each clinic will submit one patient case for inclusion into the course during Phase 2. 

We are sincerely grateful to our funding partners, Merck/MSD and GSK for their support, which will enable all PVRI members to learn more about pulmonary vascular diseases and interact with other clinics around the world.

project_2-6 (1).png

How is it different from other courses on PH?

Although there are a variety of different online PH learning tools, the PVRI Digital Clinic uniquely directs users to a specialist repository of hand picked, peer-reviewed, learning materials, such as guidelines, lectures and journal articles, relevant to each specific case study. This characteristic of the course features throughout each stage of the decision making process, from a patient’s diagnosis, to treatment. All learning materials are peer-reviewed by a specially formed PVRI Committee, which is consists of senior PH clinicians and academic leaders in the field. This committee regularly reviews course content and case studies, with the latest research and articles uploaded to ensure educational materials are relevant. This process is much akin to the editing of a peer-reviewed journal. The end product is a tool that not only serves as a repository for the world’s highest quality information on the disease, but makes the content highly interactive and clinically relevant.

What’s involved in phase 2?

The following elements have been identified for phase 2 development:

  • 12 cases will be available to complete in the clinic
  • Addition of a discussion forum for patient cases
  • Ability to add ongoing therapy
  • Improved learning library
  • Improved course layout

Which cases will be included in phase 2?

  • Operable CTEPH
  • Distal inoperable CTEPH
  • Idiopathic PAH - pregnant
  • CTD-PAH – scleroderma / 
  • Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease
  • Porto-pulmonary disease
  • Sarcoid – could have multiple cases of ILD, sarcoid vasculitis
  • Group 2 PH with left heart disease with high wedge and low DPG
  • Group 3 PH with interstitial lung disease (mPAP < 35 mmHg)

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