12 March 2018

PVRI Community Survey Results

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to complete our short membership survey at the beginning of the year. We hope to use the information and comments gathered to help steer our future efforts. 


Please find below a summary of the results.

Are you a...

Survey q1 chart only.PNG

Answer choices: Scientist: 27.45%; Clinician: 58.82%; Industry representative: 1.96%; Pharmacist: 0.00%; Other: 11.76%

Are you...

Survey q2 chart only.PNG

Answer choices: Fully qualified 90.20%; A trainee 7.84%; Other 1.96%

How likely is it that you would recommend the PVRI to a friend or colleague?

  • Passive 16%; 
  • Likely 37%
  • Highly likely 47%

How long have you been a member of the PVRI?

Survey q5 chart only.PNG

Answer choices: One month or less 3.92%; Less than six months 5.88%; Six months to a year 15.69%; 1 - 2 years 15.69%; 3 or more years 49.02%; I am not a member 9.80%

How did you first hear about the PVRI?

Survey q6 chart only.PNG

Answer Choices: News article 5.88%; Word-of-mouth referral from friend 70.59%; Online search (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing) 5.88%; Online forum/discussion board 3.92%; Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) 1.96%; Other 11.76%

To what extent do you think membership to the PVRI should be free?

Survey q7 chart only.PNG

Consideration that membership should be free provided average 59% response.

If PVRI membership was free, what 'Premium features' would you be willing to upgrade for?

Survey q8 chart only.PNG

Answer choices: Easy to use, pool of all Pulmonary Circulation articles grouped by keywords 50.00%; An anonymised patient case discussion forum 18.18%; Digital learning materials 56.82%; Introductions to senior members when applying for jobs in PH 22.73%; Regular updates about opportunities in the field 31.82%; 24/7 Global PVD expert decision support centre 25.00%; Other 18.18%

How useful would a 24/7 global PVD expert decision support centre be to you?

Survey q10 chart only.PNG

Consideration of a 24/7 global PVD expert decision support centre provided average 48% response.


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