22 March 2018

Step into the Digital Clinic

Step into the clinic and a call for patient cases

We are delighted to introduce the PVRI Digital clinic with our first three patient cases. The team is already working on a second phase of the course, where we aim to bring at least 10 patient cases into the clinic. 

In future, the clinic will incorporate live-discussion webinars and feature cases from all over the world. We are calling for interesting case studies to be submitted to the clinic, details for how to securely submit your own patient case are found at the bottom of this page.

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The 'Digital Clinic' is a patient case-led e-learning course that simulates the decision making process that a clinician undertakes in most health services in the US and Europe. Users follow their patient from the general clinic through to the specialist centre and treatment stages if necessary. Each patient case has been developed from anonymised data, pooled together as an authentic example of what a PH clinician may see in their clinic. The learning aspect of the course features contextualised, peer-reviewed learning material and expert feedback appropriated to different decisions made by users.

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We are grateful to Drs Martin Johnson and Colin Church for their efforts as scientific product co-ordinators. They have managed the peer-review process, development of case study material and the presentation of each case within the clinic. We are also grateful to our digital partners at Sagittarius, web development agency, for their efforts in bringing the project to life from a technical standpoint. Further thanks to Shahin Moledina, Ghazwan Butrous, Andrew Peacock and Paul Corris for providing scientific input and overview.

Call for patient cases

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If you have an interesting case study of a particular patient and would like the opportunity for us to build it into the course, then we would like to hear from you. Details of what is required are available from the 'Requirements Document' available for download below. We can only use cases where all relevant information has been supplied to us​. Please email admin@pvrinstitute.org to submit a case.

Data protection

All of the cases in the clinic are developed using authentic and anonymised data, where the patient has granted explicit consent for their records to be used for educational purposes. The PVRI will supply a secure method of data transfer that complies with EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) to all contributors.

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