23 April 2018

An evening with our esteemed PVRI Board Member Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub

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We are delighted to report that Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, an esteemed member of the PVRI Board, was interviewed by BBC presenter Emily Maitlis about his life on 12 April 2018 at the Royal College of Physicians in London. The event was also superbly accompanied by the talented Ayoub Sisters, a Scottish-Egyptian violin and cello duo.

The evening was introduced by Lord Gowrie, a former Member of the British Parliament & Cabinet and a heart-transplant patient of Sir Magdi.

Following the introduction, Charlotte Cross, the first ever patient to undergo, at 11 weeks, corrective surgery on a rare heart condition by Sir Magdi, described how this life-changing operation enabled her to live a full life and still be in good health some 40 years later.

Sir Magdi gave an interesting overview of his life and experiences and what motivated him to become a surgeon. He described growing up in Egypt, the reasons for his move to the UK, and further insights into his formidable life and career. As a pioneer in transplant surgery, Sir Magdi often had to take unprecedented risks and he spoke openly of the challenges and rewards associated with such a profession.

Many of his former patients and colleagues were part of the audience and contributed questions and anecdotes of their own.


The Ayoub Sisters playing their first track of the evening

We are enormously proud and fortunate to count Sir Magdi amongst our Trustees and Board of Directors. It is privilege and honour to have someone with such pioneering spirit, global reputation and wide-ranging experience in the leadership of the PVRI.

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