29 May 2018

Award winning PVRI Members at the ATS 2018

Congratulations to award winning PVRI members at the ATS 2018

Congratulations to Ghazwan Butrous and Rebecca Vanderpool for winning esteemed awards at the ATS Annual Assembly 2018.


Professor Ghazwan Butrous, President Emeritus of the PVRI won the ATS Pulmonary Circulation Leadership Award 2018

Kurt Stenmark kindly introduced the award for Ghazwan with these words:

"Professor Ghazwan Butrous is widely accepted as one of the pioneers with regards to the modern management of Pulmonary Hypertension. During his time at Pfizer, thanks to his resilience and perseverance, he was the instrumental scientific mind behind the discovery for the use of ‘Sildenafil’ in the treatment of PH beyond its initial commercial success as an erectile dysfunction drug.

In order to enhance the understanding of PH throughout the world, he founded the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute in 2006, along with Stuart Rich, Martin Wilkins and Nick Morrell, with the ambitious aim of bringing the world’s leading voices together to openly collaborate in the name of moving the science forward. The first meeting of the PVRI was held in Malta in 2006 and attended by around 15 people. Twelve years on, the PVRI now holds more than 10 scientific meetings a year around the world reaching out to over 1,250 delegates of physicians and scientists. The PVRI professional membership has now expanded to over 7,500 contacts in 75 different countries.  

Professor Butrous still stands as the President Emeritus of the PVRI and is an honorary Professor at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. His exemplary attitude of openness and willingness to participate runs deeply within the values of the communities he has helped to build and is an inspiration to many as a result.”


Rebecca Vanderpool receives the ATS Early Career Achievement Award 2018. 

Also recognised was Rebecca Vanderpool, an assistant professor of medicine and bioengineering from the University of Arizona and a member of the PVRI Committee for Young Clinicians & Scientists, who received the ATS Early Career Achievement Award 2018.


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