11 June 2018

Meeting report - Muscat International Respiratory 2018


Earlier this year, I had the privilege to travel to Oman to attend the last day of the 2018 Muscat International Respiratory Update, which was held from 10 to 12 May 2018 in Muscat Oman. Travel was kindly funded by the PVRI and accommodation by the Oman Respiratory Society, which allow me the honour of giving two presentations: the first on the Diagnostic Algorithm in PH and the second on the question of When to Thrombolyse the Acute PE?

I arrived on Friday 11 May to warm conditions (temperatures above 500C), but had a day to acclimatise and the air conditioning was very efficient.  The infinity rooftop pool also came in handy although sadly I had not brought the appropriate shoes to try the rooftop tennis court.

The session, which I presented and co-chaired, was dedicated to pulmonary hypertension (PH) with contributors from Saudi Arabia and Oman. The quality of the presentations was excellent and the discussion relaxed and informative.  For the discussion, the chairmen and contributors sat on comfortable armchairs on the stage, a practice which deserves to be replicated at some of our more formal meetings in Europe! I would particularly like to mention the talk on PH and Left Heart Disease given by Dr Majdy Idrees, which stood out as an especially strong review of this area.


Muscat Royal Opera House

I had time for only a small amount of sightseeing (a walk around the Muscat Harbour and a viewing of the outside of the splendid Opera house), before my flight back to a rather chillier Scotland.

Thanks once again to Professor Nasser Al Busaidi for his invitation to present at this meeting and his warm welcome and to the PVRI for funding the trip. 


Martin pic.jpg

Martin Johnson reveals the first iteration of the PVRI Digital Clinic at the PVRI Annual World Congress in Singapore 2018.

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